The ZooMobile program is a mobile education tool that brings a variety of live animals and artifacts directly to your location. The ZooMobile visits schools, nursing homes, community meetings, libraries, and community fairs/events. Formal and informal presentation styles are available. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring the ZooMobile to private residences.

Formal Presentation

This presentation is in the form of a lecture, covering the topic at hand. This type of presentation involves a thirty to forty-five minute formal classroom presentation. The presentations can be tailored for pre-K through adults.Topics include, but are not limited to: animal classification, habitats, endangered animals, misunderstood animals, animal adaptations, survival techniques, rainforests, or any special predetermined topic.

 (Topics are modifed for each age group.) Presentations may be for groups of up to 30 individuals. Special auditorium presentations are available for groups of more than 30. Multiple presentations may be arranged at a single location.

 ZooMobile Pricing

  • (1) 45 minute Formal ZooMobile Presentation: $85.00
  • (2) 45 Minute Formal Presentations: $135.00
  • (3) 45 Minute Formal Presentations: $185.00

 An extra charge of $10.00 is added to groups of 30 or more. Mileage fee is based on where the ZooMobile is going and ranges from $15.00 to $65.00.

Informal Presentation

In this type of presentation animals are presented to allow people to walk by at their leisure, ask questions and observe the animals up close. Five to six touchable and non-touchable animals will be on hand. It is designed to be at your location for two to three hours. This presentation is best suited for community events, festivals, etc.

 ZooMobile Pricing

  • 2 hour Informal Presentations: $135.00
  • 3 hour Informal Presentations: $165.00

 Mileage fee is based on where the ZooMobile is going and ranges from $15.00 to $65.00.