If you know a teacher, you know they spend much of their free time, and their own money, on acquiring supplies for the children they teach. Budget cuts have forced them to splurge for their classes, or do without the materials that may make the difference in the learning and lives of their students.

In stepped DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit dedicated to helping educators get what they need. Teachers submit requests, and the organization matches funds from donors to the cause. So what does this have to do with mustaches? A growing charity effort called “Mustaches for Kids” (M4K for short) recruits confident men to collect donations while they let their facial hair grow. To make it fun, participants can win prizes, often for mustaches that look no better than the average middle-schooler’s efforts. Proceeds go to DonorsChoose.org, and everyone wins.

The Boston branch of M4K entered our “Does Your Logo Suck?” contest, and was a clear winner (watch the video here). The new logo we created was so well-received, their national organization wanted us to adapt it for M4K branches in other cities. We’re proud to play a part in a movement that’s growing like Tom Selleck’s 80’s ‘stache.