Since its inception, we have supported this organization and its cause, the protection or return of missing and exploited children. Our founder Don Romanelli was there at the beginning in 1995, and every year we’ve contributed our talent, effort, and people to helping raise funds and awareness throughout Central New York and around the country.

We created their logo, since adapted to jersey designs, promotional materials, and even some ink on a few dedicated Riders. We donate public relations, media management and design services, create online content, and employees as Riders most years. Though the Ride lasts one day and covers 100 miles, its emotion is felt throughout the year and its reach extends far beyond our region, as it touches many families in need.

An excess of riders apply for the more than 400 openings in each Ride, and the funds raised have broken records almost every successive year. The impact of our humble ride, created in honor of a lost girl by a small but determined group of Riders many years ago, has inspired similar efforts in New York State and around the nation, and continues to grow.